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Interventional pain management is a medical specialty dedicated to the precise diagnosis and treatment of pain. At IPSW, our approach is unique because we address all of the factors that can affect how you experience and cope with chronic pain – including physical causes and emotional, relational and financial influences.

Our comprehensive care begins with a thorough review of your medical information, a complete physical exam, and a personal discussion to answer your questions and identify any non-physical factors that might be contributing to your pain. Dr. Brendel then develops a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Your care might include:
  Conducting minimally invasive pain intervention treatments
  Incorporating therapeutic exercise (through a chiropractor or physical therapist)
  Altering medications
  Assisting you and your family in dealing with psychological and/or emotional issues related to your pain

Referring you to other medical specialists (surgeons, psychologists, neurologists and oncologists) to help implement aspects of your treatment plan

  Discussing your treatment plan with your personal physician, who will remain involved with your care throughout the process

The goal of our approach is to deliver targeted solutions that make a positive and lasting difference in your physical health and your overall life.


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