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The IPSW Expert Diagnostic Assessment Program
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  Your condition has been diagnosed…you’ve
undergone treatment…yet you’re left wondering

The real problem is that many conditions that cause severe pain can be extremely difficult to accurately diagnose. And when the real source of your problem is not pinpointed, you can end up enduring many different types of treatment without finding real, lasting relief.

At IPSW, we are committed to providing the highly targeted and highly effective solutions you need. That’s why we developed our Expert Diagnostic Assessment Program. Dr. Brendel is not content with simply treating the symptoms of your pain. Instead, he delves deeper—combining specialized expertise with the most powerful diagnostic techniques available. The sole purpose is to identify and pinpoint the reason for your pain.

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Using the latest x-ray technology
to guide each diagnostic procedure

Every diagnostic procedure Dr. Brendel performs is conducted using state-of-the-art digital fluoroscopic x-ray technology. This allows him to view and analyze real-time, high definition images of the spine, joints, nerves, and other structures. It is also makes the diagnostic process safer and more comfortable for you.

Combining specialized expertise
and state-of-the-art techniques

Depending on the nature and location of your pain, Dr. Brendel may use one or more of these leading-edge diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the source of your condition:

Diagnostic Discography
The intervertebral discs (the cushions that sit between the vertebrae of the spine) are a common source of spinal pain. By carefully injecting a contrast agent into the disc, Dr. Brendel can determine whether the disc is painful or not and accurately identify specific areas of disc damage.

Diagnostic Nerve Blocks
These types of procedures can be used to pinpoint the exact source of specific kinds of severe, chronic pain. They include:

Selective nerve root block
By temporarily “blocking” the signals produced by a specific nerve root, Dr. Brendel can determine whether the nerve is actually causing the problem. For example, if you’re suffering from severe leg pain, he can use this procedure to determine if a herniated disc is pinching a specific nerve and causing your leg pain.

Medial branch nerve block
The facet joints between your vertebrae contain medial branch nerves that send messages to and from your brain. By selectively “blocking” or numbing these nerves, Dr. Brendel can accurately determine which specific joint in your spine is damaged.

Diagnosis of sympathetic pain (including RSD and CRPS)
Some patients, including those who have undergone surgery, experience severe “unexplained” pain that is linked to the sympathetic nervous system. Dr. Brendel can administer state-of-the-art, diagnostic blocks near sympathetic nerves to help determine the true origin of your pain.