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“At IPSW, we want you to know that you can trust us to provide prompt, effective treatment and maintain clear, ongoing communication with you while your patient is under our care. My staff and I provide timely diagnostic and progress reports, and welcome your input and perspective. We value this kind of multi-disciplinary approach because it helps ensure the very best care and results for our mutual patients.” – John Brendel, MD


How to make a referral
  Fax written referral, your clinic's consultation notes which states a referral to pain clinic was made, along with the MRI/CT scan to 715-234-7242.
  Once information is received the pain clinic staff will contact the patient for a consultation appointment.
  Patients can eat prior to their consultation appointment. Instructions for diet prior to procedures will be given at the consultation appointment.
  All aspirin products should be stopped 7 days prior to an injection. This also includes Plavix and Pletal.

Glucophage should be stopped 24 hours prior to an injection and 48 hours after an injection.

  Coumadin will be stopped 4-5 days in advance and a protime will be drawn prior to an appointment. Coumadin should not be stopped until an appointment for procedure is determined.
  Patients are responsible for contacting their insurance company for prior approval of any appointment or procedure.
  Patients should have a driver accompany them to each pain clinic appointment.
  Consultation and/or procedure appointments will take approximately 1-1/2 hours each.




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