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The IPSW Comprehensive Pain Care Plan
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The struggle to find lasting relief for severe, chronic pain can take a huge toll on your health and your life. You may feel like you’re being bounced around from specialist to specialist, yet making no real progress. This process can be especially frustrating due to a lack of clear communication and coordination...and meanwhile, you continue to suffer.

Why can IPSW help when other treatments have failed?
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Let IPSW help you take control of the pain AND the treatment process
IPSW has developed a unique, Comprehensive Care Plan with the goal of providing complete, coordinated solutions for your pain.

Instead of treating you and sending you on your way, we coordinate and monitor ALL of the treatments you need with the goal of helping you achieve positive, lasting results. We even make all your appointments with various specialists and handle your medical forms and other paperwork.

Under our treatment plan, patients often receive rehabilitative care simultaneously with interventional pain treatments and counseling with a therapist. We use this unique multi-disciplinary approach because it provides better outcomes for our patients – especially those who have struggled and undergone many different types of treatment without finding relief for their pain.

We know our approach works because we perform rigorous follow up and monitor the outcomes of our patients over time.

Spearheading your customized treatment plan from start to finish
We start by reviewing your medical records, x-rays, scans as well your entire treatment history. This allows us to thoroughly understand your treatment experience to date—including which methods have worked and which have not.

Dr. Brendel will then meet with you to discuss your condition and perform a complete examination. He uses this information to develop a comprehensive care plan that is precisely tailored to your situation and needs. Depending on your condition, your customized treatment plan may include:

Leading Edge Medical Treatment -- Including tailored medications, minimally invasive interventional pain treatments, and other advanced therapies.

Rehabilitation -- We work closely with the region’s top rehabilitative experts, so even if you have undergone physical therapy before, you will experience a significant difference through our program.

Mental Health -- We work in partnership with the best medical pain psychologists in the region. They use their specialized knowledge and expertise to help you successfully cope with and overcome the challenging mental aspects of chronic pain.

To ensure that you experience the best results possible, IPSW networks with a variety of top-notch pain relief specialists, including:
  Spine surgeons/Neurosurgeons
  Physical therapists
  Physical and Occupational medicine specialists